Technology as an extension
of human capabilities.

Graphic Design

At Utility Advertising our digital services encompass a wide variety of communication solutions visually, textually and experientially. But most of our services start with a pen and paper as layouts, ideas and visions. Every honest graphic designer will tell you design is not art and good designers are problem solvers. Whether it's a logo we've been commissioned for or a poster, our process will always look for the best way to solving the problem. At Utility Advertising we believe we have three major underlying goals, when it comes to graphic design eliminating obstacles, connecting with your audience and finding ways of enhancing you brand image.

Search Engine Optimization

You need to be where your clients and customers are. Search engine optimization as a term is constantly changing. Our key advantage in this area is that our compitition is relying heavily on expensive third party software that does the same thing for their verticle market. But the true power in search is being unique and highly targeted along with checking all the algorythm boxes, incorporating some ad spend and tracking and monotoring outcomes.
Our style of search engingine is fast, flexible and seeks to understand your clients salience with your brand.


Advertising on Google AdWords or social media can be intimidating. Utility Advertising builds targeted campaigns for search and social media advertising to promote your business where your audience is. Ask us about our local PPC and search expertise and how we can make it work for your budget.

Setting Up Accounts Primary Digital Interface Accounts/Channels

Google my business, bing for business, directories that your customers use. All need to be set up and in most cases monitored. We take the headach out of the inital setup and design to make sure your business has accurate representation.

How much are you paying for a custom domain email? We hope you only paid once.

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