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We Started Our Business With Our
Expertise In New Media.

If your like us you remember being in high school "programing" the front-end of your myspace page. Facebook wasn't a thing for my uneducated status. It also wasn't a thing for my parents because they didn't have a university email address. But that didn't stop my generation from learning how to connect. On social media instead we relied on multiple platforms to engage our friends and people we wanted to meet. Sure there were chat rooms, instant messaging but also wide area networks where we engaged in strategic games. We used pop to send messages in A+ certification classes without the teacher finding out.

The thing about social media today is that it's really easy to share meaningless content about nearly anything your great at, the problem is that everyone is doing brand seems to be doing that. Some business are even using copywritten content risking everything and not really effecting the algorithms positively... So devising a strategy to make your content stand out and resonate to your audience is key.

We get it you sell another version of a mask that protects us from corona virus. But what makes your brand better than the mask at the convenience store. The point is social media is a to of being present, Utility Advertising Helps brands increase meaning with your audience.

Social Media For small Business starts with determining your goals. There are a lot of companies that pay people to "get follows" - Follows are a great goal but what a lot of these lead gen companies leave out is the reason you may have 1k new robots, trolls and people who never consider working with your brand. Establishing trust and authority doesn't always rely on mass follows and likes, but it does thrive in building engagment and relationships, atleast that's what we believe.

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